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Maybe you have good money in your storage room?
Include everything, then you have something you want to sell, please feel free to contact us.
Always cash, as opposed to auction houses and commission stores. You get the money in hand immediately, we have agreed the price, no hidden fees or charges.
Do not sell until you have received our cash bid.

We are interested in purchasing among other silverjewelry. Porcelain, Porcelain Figurines, Royal. figurines,
B & G figures, Dahl Jensen figurines.
Glass Services, Old and exciting decorations, small furniture, silver cutlery. Coins, Stamps, almost everything of interest.

SILVER we buy - all have an interest.
We give Denmark's highest daily price of silver, from 4 kr. pr. grams and upwards of sterling silver and tretårnet.
We guarantee that we provide a higher silver price than your local jeweler.

Come first in line for your dream thing.
Finding dream things can last a long process in which your needs may change along the way, and therefore you can always edit your søgning.Vi stands ready to help you find your dream thing. You can also unsubscribe from your search again from the same mail, if you do not want to be farther seeker.
At GS Antique can be written up in our Clients registration and will be notified every time a thing for sale that match your requirements. It's free and without obligations. Subscribe Search item here
You will receive emails with new things so you can follow regardless of where you are.

Barter deal.
A barter deal is a trade in which the buyer pays in goods instead of money.
At GS Antique you can make a barter deal - in the serious way.

Buying precious metals is at your own risk. GS Antik cannot be held responsible for any losses.
All forms of assessment, estimates and recommendation can only be considered as our personal beliefs.
We strive to provide accurate assessments and information and therefore use only sources that we find reliable.
GS Antik takes no responsibility for any incorrect or inadequate information.

GS Antik
Mobile: +45 2694 2973

E-mail: info@gsantik.com

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